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Smoke & Carbon Monoxide

New smoke & carbon monoxide detector regulations begin

From October 1st 2018 new legislation comes into force that will clarify landlords' responsibilities for installing and testing smoke & carbon monoxide detectors. Previous rules only applied to properties built prior to 1992, but the new regulations ensure that ALL tenants are adequately protected.

Who does the new legislation apply to?

The legislation applies to the vast majority of landlords. The only exemptions are landlords that share accommodation with their tenants, tenancies for a term of 7 years or more, and landlords who are registered providers of social housing.

Where are they required?

For all Assured Shorthold Tenancies that fall under the legislation, a landlord must ensure that:
  • a smoke alarm is installed on each storey of the premises on which there is a room used wholly or partly as living accommodation
  • a carbon monoxide alarm is present in any room of the premises which is used wholly or partly as living accommodation and contains a solid fuel burning combustion appliance
Who is responsible for maintenance?

The landlord must ensure that the alarms are provided and in good working order. Following that, the ongoing maintenance and testing becomes the responsibility of the tenant. The landlord is still responsible for replacing any faulty alarms throughout the tenancy. It is good practice to keep a record of tests that are carried out.

Can Penny Kenton help?

It is standard practice for us to check all of our managed properties, as well as all our new instructions. For landlords with existing tenancies that are not managed, we are happy to carry out an inspection for you so that you can ensure you are fulfilling your responsibilities.


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Written by Peter Athanasiou Category: News
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